Five things to stop today

Self doubt

Beginning with you, this is something you need to stop right this minute. No good is ever going to come to you this way; you with your negative thoughts are calling in for more negativity. Just because you are thinking something doesn’t mean it’s true, what ever it is that you are allowing to hold you back may even be speaking of strength and beautiful to others but you’ll never find out because you yourself are limiting your own worth.


I can’t stand it, as simple as that. I don’t like people who complain, why should you complain? There is so much to feel happy and appreciative towards. You are choosing the easy step instead of solving the problem or thinking about how you can make something better. You want to feel good but you are the one pushing away the good-by focusing on the bad. Some things in life you will find are out of your control, what is in your control is to show gratitude towards the things you do have, things that have worked out or are going to plan.


Guilty. I’m a very positive individual however I have to admit having that one day during some point in the month where I worry about things that I can even say are pointless and meaningless. I can assure you all the things you worry about are just as pointless and meaningless. Why do we all of a sudden stick around one topic or thought like our whole life depends off it, certainly doesn’t. Move away from your worries, stop trying to create troubles of your own, create happiness.

Trying to be someone else

It is perfectly positive to admire others but you should never try to be them take it as inspiration. There’s a reason we don’t all look the same or think the same. We all have a lot to offer, we are all very unique and bring out perfection differently. Why be someone else when you can be admired for being you. Don’t go after and choose failure when success is written for you.

Pointing your finger at others

When you go to point your finger at others, you are the one lacking. People tend to find faults in others in order to hide theirs but what good is that going to bring to you? You are taking negativity in your own hands to put someone else down but it won’t be them to be effected it will be you. Be it positivity or negativity the only person it’s going to come right back at is you. If you find yourself questioning why life or people treat you the way they do, take a moment to think about your actions and if they don’t make you happy change them today.


Spreading love ft. Rupinder

If you’ve been giving my blogs a read you know I talk about positivity in every single one of them apart from 3 where it has been about skin/beauty. I’ve done blogs speaking on why I started blogging, you guys know the purpose behind my blog website and it is simply to spread positivity and love. This blog is going to be a little different but nothing short of positive and spreading love once again, for the first time rather than speaking on a topic I will be speaking about a particular person that I feel is doing a great job at the moment.

Rupinder Kaur, poet and spoken word artist from Birmingham, UK. img_0975

I’m intrigued to know more about her but here is why I appreciate this particular soul so much not only is she incredibly beautiful but the work she shares on social media is equally beautiful mirroring her personality.

We certainly do live in a time where people have more hatred in their hearts than love, more jealousy than kindness, people are more keen on dividing and pulling people apart rather than coming forward as one but not everyone is the same, there are also people like Rupinder that speak of the love and togetherness and it is very important we support someone whose bringing the positive change. Negativity sells, a negative message gets across to people in matter of seconds every one speaks about it, people find sharing negativity easier than positivity it’s about time we change that.

Check out Rupinder on Instagram and Twitter @rupinderkw_


When it comes to positivity nothing quite feels good as when you compliment or praise someone else’s work, I believe we really lack that in asian communities. But saying that I have started to see a great change on social media where you do come across a lot of people loving and sharing each other’s work and that is what it’s all about.

No ones your competition but you, no ones success is your defeat but inspiration. We have so much to learn from everyone around us, appreciate the good so that we can have that good energy around us. People have more to give to us than take away, never fear another.

Lastly, never hold back from spreading love the world needs more of it.


I feel drained

Right at this point in my life there is something that’s completely draining my energy; obviously I can’t mention what exactly as this is public I wouldn’t say I’d get in trouble but just not something I want to put out there yet. Talking on that topic, I’m sure there’s something doing the exact same to you. So rather than me thinking and trying to change things for myself, why not do this together? Also writing really helps me and it’s something you should try too, writing your emotions out how you’re feeling does you the world of good, it allows you to connect with yourself it gives you a power that no one can take away from you.

When you feel drained, you want to give up, the energy around you feels negative, you find yourself not socializing, you feel as if its you that’s on pause and the rest of the world is playing. You’re right; it doesn’t feel good at all. Why am I feeling that way and why are you? When we are completely in control of our lives. Why aren’t we just letting go or walking away? Oh because things in the real world don’t work like that and sometimes there is more to think about. Now as hard as it can be walking away from things that don’t make you feel good, it is something you got to do but going back to my real world comment it isn’t so easy. I know what I’m talking about and I know I can’t just walk away. That leaves me with the question well what can I do then? I also know the answer to that but I don’t seem to be implying it as good as I should and I know you aren’t either.

The answer is to be yourself positive and motivated, change the energy to good, do things that make you happy, go after things that you actually want etc.

The real problem and the only problem is why aren’t we doing this? What is keeping us back, it’s a stand that we aren’t taking for ourselves, we know what we want but we have an energy or fear within ourselves that stops us doing or having what we want. It’s lack of love. I have learnt to love myself, I can talk about myself for hours I have got to know myself but I still have a part of me that still hasn’t learnt to love, it holds me back. I am capable of achieving absolutely anything that I want and no one or anything is ever keeping me back apart from myself.

The next time you feel drained remember the fight is with yourself.


Believe in your vision

This day last year I sat in front of a doctor crying my eyes out not being able to get one word out of my mouth making my family tear up as well so scared to hear “no” again knowing how much I want this and the same day all my fears left me the faith I’ve carried with me for years paid off I saw a dream coming true finally. I will always remember this day. Never let anything break you never give up. Only you can make your dreams come true and if you don’t believe in your dreams or have faith in them no one else will too. Hold a fight so strong that people and situations have to give in to you not the other way round. Why should you give up on things you know you deserve, God made you so perfect but also gave you something to fight for he didn’t do anything to see you falling or failing he did it to awake a strength in you. REMEMBER you are blessed every single day. Every day gives you the chance to stand up stronger; this strength is going to give so much in return to you. You won’t ever have to think you’re any less than anyone else this strength will make you wish the world for people around you things like jealously and hatred won’t be any of your emotions. You will empower the people around you to make them fight too and go out their way to achieve their dreams. Give a meaning to your name have the power in your name that when someone brings up your name in their head the words are strength, positivity and motivation. Be that person to tell the world no, this hasn’t got to be this way I can achieve this and I will.

Love yourself

Love yourself. I will write blog on blog to tell YOU to love yourself. There will be no one who will know you better than you do. There will be no one to know exactly what you want and whom you are like you will. What is stopping you from loving yourself? Is it that you are giving in to what people believe about you or is it a fear of not knowing how people will accept you for who you are? STOP these people seem like a big part of our lives, we feel like we’d be lost or alone without these people in our lives but you are forgetting the right people, true friends and a family through thick and thin don’t judge you. If people back away, let them that is where your journey begins. Give a chance to the right people to come in to your life, people who bring out the best in you. Never stand in a crowd, as good as it seems to have handful of friends, they do nothing for us. You are born to stand out not to stand in a crowd. You have everything to be successful, within you; you have the courage to make your dreams come true. The only thing stopping you is the lack of love you have towards yourself. Love who you are, fall in love with your flaws. There is no one else who can be YOU. Accept your uniqueness.

Hurting from the past

This week has had me feeling quite emotional; I haven’t been my best positive self. I haven’t felt negative towards why something is happening or has happened but thinking about the pain I have been through just sometimes makes me really emotional. Same with all of you I’m sure we have all faced or gone through a time that even today brings tears to our eyes. And this blog is just to tell you it’s okay to be emotional over things that have happened in the past, look at you now you are much stronger than you were then. Everything happens for a reason and for the best. Life might just seem like a big struggle right now, you don’t know what to do or what to expect, and a lot of us have felt the same. It’s not end of the world, although in our minds we all make it so dramatic. Take each day as it comes it’s up to you if you decide to make it a good one or not so good. Carry your pain from the past to make you a stronger, wiser and a confident person today. I’ve said in a previous blog of mine, bad things happen to the best of us. No matter how happy someone looks or how confident and strong they appear they have gone through things we all wouldn’t say they deserved to go through and things that the rest of us will never ever know. We all fight our own battles behind closed doors. Show love towards others and most importantly towards yourself, there’s no one who can love you better than you can.

How do others get more than me?

You’re probably reading this blog because that is how you feel “how do others get more than me?” Do you ever see people getting things so easily than you? Are you putting in all the hard work and you feel someone else just has it served right in front of him or her? Well I will tell you two SIMPLE reasons for why they might be succeeding and you struggling.

  1. Positivity – While you hold others as your competitors, the other person is inspired by another’s success or how well they are doing. They are using their energy in a positive light towards them.
  2. Gratitude – While you are stressing so much about what you want to do or achieve, the other person is just enjoying the day being thankful for what they have. Showing gratitude gives you more, while stressing will only give you more things to stress about.

Positivity and Gratitude are really important on day-to-day basis. This hasn’t got to be about achieving anything, this can be you just wanting your day to be good. And for that all you have to do is use your energy being positive and grateful, you will see how your day and the things around you change. Lets be real say your having a terrible day while positivity and gratitude will up your mood, It won’t magically turn your day around however it will magically make your week ahead a good one, expect to receive a good news, someone to make you smile or achieve something you’ve wanted.

Positivity and Gratitude won’t take anything away from you, it will only add to your happiness and success.